❤ A Love Letter to Yemen ❤

Adalah Yemen
2 min readFeb 14, 2023


Happy Valentine’s Day Yemen

Yemen, a land of history untold,
Where spices and incense flowed, and coffers were full of gold.
A place of beauty and grace, with a spirit so strong and out of sight,
A phoenix burning in the night, with a will to win the fight.

And though the journey may be long, and everyone continues to speak,
The love of your people, will see you through, and help you reach the peak.
For Yemen, Arabia Felix, you are more than just a land,
You are a symbol of hope, of love, and of a future at hand.

From the ashes of war, a new dawn begins to rise,
With a heart full of hope, and steadfast eyes.
For the people of Yemen, with courage and with care,
Mend their hearts, and remove any despair.

Hold your head high, my love, and let the world know,
Your spirit is unbroken, and your will is aglow.
For the universe will see, in time, the beauty you hold,
And the love you bring, to all who enter your fold.

You are a symbol of resilience, a shining star full of might,
A beacon of hope, with a future so bright.
For you will rise again, with a love beyond compare,
A path towards peace, an intimate love affair.

So let this be a love letter, from my heart to yours,
A promise of my love, that forever endures.
For you are Yemen, the land of my dreams,
A future full of light, a love that gleams.



Adalah Yemen

Adalah, which translates to ‘justice’ in Arabic, is Yemen’s leading non-aligned nongovernmental legal organisation. HQ in London with operations in Aden and DC.